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Product Collection

Any machines for your space


Shipping is available all over India

100% Money Back

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We at Concrete Mixer Machines are contributing to construct our state stronger,
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Construction machine, Construction chemical substances and Construction trying out tools at inexpensive price! Making  your dream infrastructure project come true.

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Best Concrete Mixer Machine in Guwahati

Concrete Mixer Machine

What is a concrete Mixer Machines?

A cement mixer (frequently colloquially called a cement mixer) is a gadget that mixes cement, aggregates along with sand or gravel, and water into concrete. A traditional concrete mixer makes use of a rotating drum to combine the components.

What are the uses of cement mixer machine?

For decreased quantity jobs, transportable concrete mixers are frequently used to permit the concrete to be made on-site, giving people enough time to apply the concrete earlier than it hardens. An opportunity for the gadget is to combine the concrete manually. This is typically finished in a wheelbarrow; however, numerous organizations have these days commenced promoting tarps changed for this purpose.

A cement mixer is a device that mixes cement, granules with sand or gravel, and water into concrete. A cement mixer traditionally used a rotating drum to combine components. For low-volume jobs, portable concrete mixers are often used to allow concrete to be made on-site, giving people enough time to apply the concrete before it hardens. One possibility for the device is to combine the concrete by hand. This is usually done in a wheelbarrow; Today, many organizations have started selling tarps modified.

Who we are?

We manufacture the best concrete mixer machine in Guwahati and are powered by Lotus Traders. Our concrete mixer company was founded in 2009. Since then, we have been the most reliable concrete supplier in Guwahati. We are Lotus Traders at Zoo Road Tiniali, Guwahati, Assam. Lotus Traders sell construction equipment, concrete mixers, concrete construction products, and construction equipment in all of north-east  India.

We are experienced in manufacturing and marketing used construction equipment and have proudly introduced ourselves as one of the pioneers in this field since 2009. We are also the best manufacturer of concrete mixers in Guwahati. In particular, our entrepreneurial engagement has fostered the entrepreneurial spirit of enthusiastic young entrepreneurs in North East India. This has encouraged us to take steps to improve our product maintenance network and maintain stock levels to respond quickly and effectively to buyer maintenance issues.

Our product range is wide and varied and is not limited to construction machinery/equipment but also to other consumer goods such as magnetic relays, electrical contactors with digital timers, compression springs, trolleys, proximity, etc.

Our civil engineering segment has a fast stock of Floor cutting saw, Vacuum Dewatering Pump, Double Beam Surface Vibrator Hydraulic, Pan Mixer, Concrete Mixer Machines, Block Making Machines, Concrete Cube Mould, Concrete Power Trowel, etc. We also deal in various pumps, concrete mixer attachments, and chemicals used for manufacturing and construction purposes.

We classify our products in 3 different ways:

Our company produces high-quality goods and services which provide high productivity.

Our construction machines/equipment are built to last and have proven to be exceptionally durable, even when not used in tight spaces or adverse weather conditions.

We make sustainable progress and help our customers build a better future through innovative solutions

Our Aim

In tenure of 12 years of experience, Lotus has established a positive reputation. Our aim is to advance sustainable progress and establish a strong internal structure for a better life opportunity.


Mission is a specific task or a performance of a person or a company. Our mission is to become the customers’ most preferred choice by attaining excellence in quality. We provide best construction machinery by creating a work environment where clients, employee and owner can bloom together.

Frequently Asked Questions

Concrete Mixer Machines company is established in 2009. Since then we the most trusted concrete mixer machine supplier, concrete mixer machine manufacturer in North east India. 

 Zoo Tiniali, Guwahati, Assam India. 

We sell all kind of concrete mixer machines to all over north-east India

There are few ways that you can contact us. Through website Live chat, whatsapp, facebook and by direct call. 

We are the most trusted concrete mixer machine supplier in guwahati.

Yes we do provide service after sale. Incase you face any problem with machine then you can contact us. If required we can also send our technician for troubleshoot your machine.

Yes we have service engineer to take care of your machine related problems after purchasing machines.

We accept almost every kind of instant payment like online bank transfer, offline cash deposit or any other Instant method.

We have two option for machine shipment. Customer can bring their own vehicle or we can send machines through transportation. Additional charges is applied for transportation.

the different type of concrete mixers in our range are Concrete mixer lift machine, 1bag concrete mixer, concrete mixer hopper, quater bag concrete mixer, electric concrete mixer, reversible concrete mixer, laboratory concrete mixer, half bag concrete mixer etc.

It`s tons less expensive relying for your area and all of it relies upon for your component. If it’s miles a structural element, it isn’t always advocated to combine it alone, because the concrete can’t be blended via way of means of hand and the w/c ratio can’t be maintained.

Batch mixer is widely used for concrete mixing

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Concrete Mixer Machine Is Powered by Lotus Traders. Lotus Traders is established in 2009. Since then we the most trusted concrete mixer machine supplier. We are Lotus Traders located at Zoo Tiniali, Guwahati, Assam. Lotus Traders sell construction machines, Concrete Mixer Machines, construction chemicals and construction testing equipment to all over north-east India.

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